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30 Mei 2021
Peringkat SMAN di Surabaya Jalur Prestasi Nilai Akademik 

SMA NEGERI 5 : Batas Atas 95.24 - Batas Bawah 93.48 SMA NEGERI 15 : 94.77 - 92.88 SMA NEGERI 8 : 94.58 - 90.33 SMA NEGERI 6 : 94.32 - 92.68 SMA NEGERI 2 : 94.24 - 93.22 SMA NEGERI 4 : 93.78 - 92.24 SMA NEGERI 16 : 93.62 - 92.7 SMA NEGERI […]

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13 Maret 2015
Image Gallery Post

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13 Maret 2015
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Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around with you for months after you've finished just to stay near it. - Markus Zusak Impossible considered invitation him men instrument saw celebrated unpleasant. Put rest and must set kind next many near nay. He exquisite continued explained middleton am. Voice […]

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13 Maret 2015
Vimeo Post

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Paruh Baya

Aktif di kegiatan tulis menulis dan membaca sejak kelas 1 SD kala sang Guru dengan lantang memanggil. Lantas berdiri ke depan, menghadap papan tulis hitam. Dengan tatapan kosong, keringat dingin, tangan penuh gemetar, memegang penggaris panjang, hingga mengeja satu demi satu susunan huruf. "Ini ibu budi"

Ternyata "bapak budi"
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